about us


Our Principles

Spirit. We are aware that we are spiritual beings who have asked our good Lord for a physical experience. Spiritual matters take precedence in our daily lives.

Attitude. We are not business people. We have discovered that our role is to help people live better lives. It is only in this perspective that we have opened our doors to the public.

All Natural. We recognize that all creation is grounded in spirit. We are farmers. We make a living through careful and responsible stewardship of nature. We make all our products from natural ingredients because we are the first and last users of our products. It is also because this is the very best way to make personal products.

No Chemicals. We have not used any pesticides or chemicals anywhere on our farm in the last 30 years.

First Use. We were the first users of these products about 30 years ago. We still use them daily. Each member of our family is a product tester. When one of us notices any deviation in product quality, the entire batch is scrapped.

Handmade Small Batches. We make everything by hand in small batches to continuously build stocks in our store. Our products are always fresh. It's best if customers replenish every one or two months.

Local. As much as possible, we source all raw materials locally. We have more difficulty working with local natural materials because their characteristics vary each time we use them, but we persevere. We source regionally, when there are no local sources. We have long standing relationships with our sources of non-tropical natural raw materials, so we always get the best quality and price.

Formulations. All our formulations are about 30 years old. Some are more than 300 years old. We have learned to adjust formulations to accommodate seasonal variations. We do not and will not change any of our formulations.


Simplest Operation for Lowest Costs. We are always undermanned. This ensures that everyone works hard and that our products are always priced low. We operate very simply. We always try to make our operations as simple as possible. When faced with a choice, we favour the simplest long term solution.

Lowest Prices. We make our products in our house. We have no finished products inventory.  Our products do not carry charges for rent, depreciation, inventory carrying costs, transportation, fuel, utilities, maintenance or security.  We do not advertise. Prices of our raw materials are always on the increase, we absorb most of the difference. Therefore, we need to make and sell more products to be financially sustainable.

Limited Capacity. We can only produce as much our harvests will allow. This is the reason for the quality of our products. Natural is seasonal. Seasonal means limited.

Other outlets. We do not have other outlets. We would rather continue to improve our website, making it friendlier and easier to use. Our website is the most convenient and cheapest way to enjoy our products.

Expansion. We would rather integrate than expand; investing in the sustainability of our livelihood and lifestyle.

Growing Our Family Business. We prefer to grow our business naturally; conservatively. No dealers. No sudden bursts of expansion. No commercialization.

Continuity. We have lived these principles for more than thirty years here on the farm. We have raised our children from infancy here. We trust they will carry on the good work.

Our Sanctuary. Natural. Renewable. Sustainable. A permaculture food forest and wildlife preserve.

Privacy. We cherish our privacy. We enjoin you to respect it. Please remember that, when you visit, you are entering our home.

All will be apparent for those who see.