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special thanks

Our heartfelt thanks goes to all the special people who have made our lives, lifestyle and business possible:

To Mama and Papa, Joe & Lily Magsaysay, who have unselfishly and unstintingly given of themselves and their resources time and time again to make this dream come true for us and, we hope, for the rest of the family.

To my brothers and sisters, who have always loved me, weird as I am: Jing, Joy, Jet, Liza and Jody.

To my wife and soul-mate, Violaine, who has shared my dream through "better or worse." She has always been a full partner in all ways humanly and spiritually possible.

To our children; Liaa, Jonathan, Marian Grace and James and who are now our full-pledged partners in our livelihood. We trust they grow in God's grace and find their true places in the sun.

  • To Dino Ramos (onidmosra@yahoo.com) and to Greg Manubag (gregmanubag@hotmail.com) who are the best computer junkies I know, for getting me online and keeping me online.
  • To Babes Gamboa (aeg@i-manila.com.ph) for helping me with most of the pictures here.
  • To Super Perez (super@bayani.com) and the Webworks team (WebWorksCo.com) for an exemplary job as founding webmasters of this website; and for graciously allowing us to grow beyond them.
  • To the Webfocus & Servobox team who are helping us overhaul, maintain and host this new website.
  • To the Lord God Almighty, ABBA, for loving us first and for inviting us to live in His love, …………through Jesus Christ his son, the Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother Mary, after whom we named our ilog and farm,…………. forever……..
  • To Mama Mary. We have dedicated our lives the Lord through His Mother – Mary. Click to find out Why "Ilog Maria"?