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farm rules

You are most welcome to visit us.

  • Farm Open. Our farm is open 8am to 5pm Tuesdays to Sundays.
  • Farm Closed. We are closed Mondays and some holidays. We post announcements regarding schedules in our website Bee Informed section in our Home page.

We treasure the small amount of privacy we have left. We turn off our cellphones after 5pm and on our rest days. Please email all your inquiries and avoid interviewing us by text.

Please give way. Our access road is 700 meters long, with seven places to turn aside for oncoming vehicles. If you see another vehicle approaching and are near one of the places to turn aside, please be the first to turn aside or back. Charity does wonders.

Our bees are still under Intensive Care. They are still recovering from Colony Collapse Disorder. We enlist your cooperation in observing proper behavior when you visit.

  • Do not blow your horn.

  • Turn off your engine and enjoy the fresh air. Babies and children in your car should also enjoy the fresh air. You may turn down your windows.

  • Do not park on our roads. There is ample room for parking.

  • Silence. Please observe SILENCE so as not to agitate or aggravate the bees.

  • Please control your kids. Our farm is safe and perfect for kids who know what NOT to do. We will not be liable for injuries resulting from unruly or uncontrolled behavior.

  • Please open our observation hive so you can view our honeybees safely from behind a sheet of glass. Do not knock of bang the observation hive and keep a respectable distance. Do not block or disturb the "bee-line" (of bees taking off and landing) in front of the hive.

  • Please do not go into the bee yard unescorted. There is a LOT of bee activity in the bee yard that can be enjoyed if you conduct yourself properly from a safe distance.

  • No noise. No sudden movements. No strong perfumes. No flowery shirts or dresses. No hairy sweaters, hats or caps. These attract, agitate and aggravate bees. They might sting when provoked or agitated.

  • If you smoke or drink or just had a fight with your wife, do not approach the beehives, they can smell your vices, anger or fear and will regard you as an aggressor and might sting you.

  • Please call our attention if you feel that the bees are paying you undue attention. Do not move jerkily or rapidly or swat them, they are faster than you and might sting you.

Please do not pick our herbs, seeds, flowers or fruits. We put a lot of time and care into our plants. You would not want this done to you either.

No picnics or bathing anywhere on the farm.

Keep your trash with you and take it away with you.

Please respect others' sensitivities and smoke away from the public areas. Place cigarette butts in the trash bins.

The Ilog Maria Experience

We have designed and constructed our farm so that everything we do is apparent. Observant souls will not need guidance.

Through the years, those who have enjoyed our farm most are from all walks of life and all of them share the same attitudes: respect for nature, love for farm life, interest in honeybees, adventure in discovery & love for life.

We are always undermanned and have to attend to multiple tasks during the day.

Sometimes, when were not too busy, we might have the time to show you a thing or two about our bees and farm; especially if you are nice.