Propolis Ointment

For skin irritations and infections. Good for relief of persistent skin rashes, skin itches, insect bites, infected wounds & burns.

Made from Propolis Gold & Beeswax in an Olive Oil base. Scented with eucalyptus oil for its´ added anti-microbial effect.

Eucalyptus oil has a calming effect on the mind and body. Its rejuvenating properties aid in getting relief from sluggishness, muscle pain, exhaustion and mental fatigue. It is a good stimulant and thus helps in enhancing blood circulation to increase cardiac activity.

The combination of all healing ingredients makes this one of our most powerful healing products. It is even good against pimples and acne. Some have even used it as a deodorant.


Price Table
Size Price Weight Quantity
small 110.00 25
Large 192.50 45

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