Honey Glycerin face soap

 Our premium soap. We put in all the honey the soap can bear, which makes this soap super clear, super cleansing, super softening. We mix several soft seed oils with glycerin. We then add pure sampaguita oil for it’s sensuous fragrance.

Formulated for use on the sensitive skin of your face.

Please do not expose it to heat. Do not store in a parked car. Our premium soap does not contain any artificial hardeners. They will melt.

Store in slatted soap dish away from your shower or splashing water in your sink. When not in use, store best in clean clothes piles.

Natural soaps need to breathe and cure. They are best used after curing but safe to use immediately. You can put unused soaps in your clothes cabinet for storage after unwrapping them. They cure from 1-2 weeks to a month’s time ☺

Brochure: Soap Brochure


Price Table
Size Price Weight Quantity
Large soap w/ box and label 96.00 80
Large 92.50 80
small soap w/ box 63.50 40
small 60.50 40

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